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The Wheel of Happiness


Today we are going to take a walk inside the Wheel of Happiness.

I am going to describe this Wheel of Happiness to you now so you can picture it in your mind.


Think of a wheel you might find inside a mouse or hamster cage.

The mouse climbs inside the wheel and begins to run, turning the wheel round and round.


The Wheel of Happiness  is similar but much bigger, big enough for you to climb inside in fact.  And it is yellow, the colour of sunshine.

When the wheel turns it sends out little rays of sunshine as it spreads happiness around.


Imagine yourself now climbing up into the happiness wheel.

As you start walking you are surprised to see how easily the wheel turns.

When you quicken your pace you notice the wheel begins to light up, and you can feel a wave of happiness coming over you.

It makes you feel good to know that by walking inside this wheel, you are creating more happiness for others to enjoy.


This makes you feel so happy you start to run, making the wheel turn faster and faster.

Now the wheel is glowing bright, sending sunshine rays of happiness all around…


As you are running you notice that the world around you looks different…

Brighter and lighter because of the wonderful sunshine rays spreading out from the wheel of happiness.


You are feeling quite out of breath now, so you climb down from the wheel of happiness.

Yet you notice that even when you step off it carries on turning for some time…


You feel glowing and alive after doing this.  

Lie down to rest now.  Stretch out your body letting it soak in all the wonderful sunshine light that surrounds you….











In this visualisation the children spread happiness by turning the wheel of happiness.

Follow on by looking at pictures of Buddhist prayer wheels.  Explain that these contain a scroll upon which is written a powerful mantra or prayer of blessing.  When the wheel turns it is believed that a blessing of compassion is spread far and wide, changing the  world to make it better.  Prayer wheels are to be found in many public places in China and Tibet.  People spin them as they pass by to spread loving kindness.


In personal development it could be used as a metaphor showing how a more positive attitude creates a more positive environment, and how joy is infectious!

Using this visualisation

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