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The  Sea

Imagine you are standing on a beach looking out at the sea.

Close your eyes and turn your face towards the sun.

Can you feel the warmth of its rays on your skin…..

A gentle breeze blows in from the sea and you breathe in deeply, filling your lungs with the fresh clean air….

Can you taste the saltiness on your tongue?

In your hand you hold an empty bucket.

You start walking towards the sea...

As you approach you notice that the warm soft sand beneath your feet becomes cool and firm….


Now you have reached the shoreline….

Dip your toe into the sea….

Notice how the cool water is washing over your feet, tickling them…

See how the clean water glistens in the sunlight…

Try wiggling your toes…. See how it makes a muddy mess, and feel your feet sink into the collapsing sand when the wave pulls back…

Yet, how soon the wave returns, smoothing over the muddy mess and washing your feet clean once again….


Walk out a little further now with your bucket till the water reaches your knees.

You are deep enough now to scoop the bucket beneath the surface.

See how the water spills over the brim as you lift it out.

Walk back up towards the beach now, from where you set off….

Then turn to look at the sea….

See how very big it is….

It stretches out as far as your eye can see, until it appears to seamlessly meet the sky….


Now look again at your little bucket of water, full to the brim.

See how very small it is….

Yet, when your bucket is empty… if you choose…

You can return to the sea and fill it once again….


And indeed, you can do this as many times as you choose… again... and again… and again…

For the sea finds its source in a vast ocean….

And if you were to spend all day re-filling your bucket, again… and again…

The sea would not be diminished….

It will never run out….

It is a limitless supply…





Copyright Jill Brennan 2016







This visualisation could be used to explore the theme of  universal provision and abundance.  


In RE it could be linked to the story of the Manna, a nutritious food which mysteriously appeared to keep the Jewish people  alive as they travelled in the desert during their escape from Egypt.


In personal development it could be used to encourage surrender and trust in one’s own inner resources, and to overcome a fear-based scarcity mentality.