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The Lighthouse

Sit quietly and comfortably with your eyes closed...

Imagine you are standing in the doorway of a lighthouse, looking out.

Feel the cold spray of the water on your face.

Taste the salt in the air.

Hear the waves break as they hit the rocks.

See how the sea stretches in every direction.


There is no land in sight.

You are completely alone.


Become aware of a bright light.

Watch as the light sweeps across the surface of the water.


A wind stirs up, causing you to shiver.

Your face is wet with the spray of the surf.

The waves are getting higher.

They crash against the rocks beneath you.

Foaming and smacking and hissing....


Light sweeps across the surface of the water.


You turn and enter the trunk of the lighthouse.

You lean against its curved wall.  It feels smooth and cool to touch.


You start to climb the spiral tower in the direction of the light.

One step at a time, holding on to the rail.


When you reach the top you find a tiny circular room.

Here it is warm and dry.  You feel safe.

You rest your head on a soft cushion and pull a warm quilt around you.


Light sweeps across the surface of the water.

Watch as its steady beam flashes through the windows.


Now close your eyes and listen to the muffled sound of the sea.

In the darkness, still you are aware of the presence of the light…


The continuous, steady pulse of the light that surrounds you.








How did it feel being alone in the lighthouse?  How did you feel when the storm blew up?  Did the light make a difference?  How?  Could the storm in the visualisation represent something else?  What does the light represent?


This visualisation could be used following some input on the symbolism of light in different religions.  Could the lighthouse be a metaphor? Use the response questions below as prompts.

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