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The Encounter

It is early in the morning.  You are sitting on a deserted beach, quite alone.

The sun is high and hazy, and its light-rays dance on the surface of the sea like a dusting of diamonds.  You feel happy and relaxed.


Beneath you the soft sand is a silky cushion.  You trail your fingers through lazily, enjoying the delicate sensation, and wiggle your toes to make tickling streams.


The gentle rhythmic sound of the sea lapping against the shore lulls you into a calm rest.   It is a comforting sound, reassuring and regular, like a steady heartbeat.


You glance absently along the horizon, and in the distance you can just make out a speck moving along the shoreline.  You smile, turn away and lift your face towards the sun.  With eyes closed you enjoy the feeling of warmth on your cheeks, eyelids and lips...  


You realise that you must have stayed that way for some time, for when you look up the figure is closer now.  You notice he is still moving in your direction, although he looks down at his feet as he walks, and occasionally out towards the sea.  You observe how graceful this man is, and take in all you can as he comes into clearer view…


...notice his clothing,..

…his hair...

…the way he walks..

…the expression on his face….


He is almost parallel to you now.  He stops, and looks across at you, then begins walking towards you up the beach.  Oddly, he approaches with a sense of familiarity, although you know you have never met him before.  There is something special about this person.  You can’t take your eyes off him.


Now he stands before you and you gaze up into his face. The sun behind him frames his head with golden light, like a halo. Although his face is shaded, his eyes have their own inner light that warms you strangely on the inside.  Softly he speaks your name and begins talking to you…


Listen for a moment to what he is saying… (PAUSE)


Now he turns to leave.  Walking back towards the shore he continues on his way.  You watch as he becomes smaller and smaller.  For a long time you watch, until he is just a tiny speck in the distance.


Now you are alone again. The sun is high and hazy, its light-rays dance on the surface of the sea, like a dusting of diamonds. You feel happy and relaxed...







This visualisation could be used within a topic relating to Special People if, for example, the children are studying a religious leader or inspirational figure.

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What were you thoughts when you first saw the figure.

Did you recognise him?

How did it make you feel when he seemed to recognise you, and approached you?

What did he say to you?

Did the "encounter" change anything?


The Encounter