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The Cave

Imagine yourself inside a cave…

The cave is a cool, dark place, where you are alone…

Here you sit in the shadows, waiting….

…listening to the long, slow …..drip….

Drip…. Drip…of water,

Like the soft pulse of a heart at rest….

Your cave is steady…..  constant.

It has become your friend….


The cave is a place where you can hide …..  where you feel safe.

There are no unexpected sights, sounds or smells to distract or alarm you.

Here your heart can relax….

It can beat to the same rhythm as the cave….

The cave calms you…


From where you sit in your quiet corner

You can see the mouth of the cave, gaping….

It is a shriek of daylight against the darkness…

Its jagged edge hard and fierce….


Beyond that jagged edge you see a gentle sky...

blooming clouds … soothing blue ….

You see the warmth of the sun on the soft sand….

The ripples it paints….

And beyond that you hear the call of the waves…

The swell of the sea…


You know that it is all out there… waiting for you,

When you are ready to leave the cave….

For now, knowing that

is enough.





Copyright  Jill Brennan 2016

Use to explore the theme of personal space and the value of alone time and a safe place.

Possibly use as a discussion starter for different personality types.  What does it mean to be an introvert?  Who feels shy sometimes?  Who would like a cave to escape to?  

What are we escaping from?

Explore different feelings the visualisation brought about:  Is the cave a good place to be?  Did you enjoy being in the cave?  Why?  Did your feelings change during the visualisation?

How did you feel at the end?


For personal development it could be used to build confidence and overcome isolation and fear.