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The Boy Who Listened          


A Greedy Man Learns to Share


Hindu Creation Story


Lost and Found


Brave Daniel


The Wheel of Happiness


The Story of Two Gardens


Siddharta's Big Question


Mohammed's Cave






Younger children don't always find it easy to sit still for very long!  However they love listening to stories.  Try to develop an oral story telling style that doesn't rely on picture prompts.  Engage the children by including actions that the children can join in with to make the story interesting and memorable Find words or phrases in the text that lend themselves to an action - agree and rehearse this before the first reading. The children could then practise retelling the story in small groups to develop oracy and sequencing.   To end the session invite the children to close their eyes to imagine part of the story, or something personal to them.  This will help develop mental imaging and can act as a precursor to using the full visualisation scripts at a later stage.