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Poppy Seed Heads


In your imagination see the seed head on top of its stalk amongst many others... Imagine you are that seed head... Recall your size, shape, colour and texture... your beautiful but delicate structure....


Where are you standing?  What other plants are near you?...


What scents are you aware of?... What sounds can you hear?... Become aware of being a container for seeds that will continue to grow long after you die.  Turn your attention to the shape and texture of this container.  Your outer membrane, your skin, that once was green, soft and supple, is now brown, hard  and brittle.  When the wind blows the tiny seeds inside you make a rattling sound as they move within the cavity of your walls.  


Now feel the wind gently shaking your seeds free...

Watch them being carried on the wind... scattering….dispersing… finding a new place to settle.   How do you feel as you watch this happen?  Many of the seeds that you have produced will perish;  they will be trampled underfoot or maybe eaten by animals or birds…


When all the seeds have gone and you are just an empty shell, you will have no further purpose.  Eventually the wind will snap your brittle stem and you will fall to the ground to rot and decompose.


But you know that at least one seed, and maybe two or three or more will germinate and grow.  The sap will rise, energising the bud until large bright red petals unfurl to soak in the warmth of the sun.  These glorious flowers will bring a splash of colour and a burst of joy for all to see.


How does that make you feel?


We’re now going to leave the garden or field where your poppy was growing and return to the classroom...






What was that imaginary experience like for you?

Did anything surprise you?

How did you feel being a poppy seed head?

How did you feel as a fully opened poppy?

Have you discovered anything about yourself?

General class sharing.  Bring out both the similarities and the differences; that like poppies we’re unique, and that differences should be respected and valued.


The poppy gave its seed to the world.

Consider the gifts you have to give to the world.


Express your gift in words, pictures, colours, shapes, dance or drama.

Show the children an image of poppy seed heads, or

better still the real thing before the visualisation....

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