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Let me take you to a private place.

A room filled with rich, warm fragrance.

A woman is looking at her face in a mirror.

She is very beautiful, but.. look closely.

There is something else behind her eyes.  What is it?

Sadness, regret, loneliness, pain?

Maybe a mix of all those things...

Or maybe something else?…


Her long hair flows loosely over her shoulders.

She ties it back, and washes her face.

The water is cool, refreshing, clean.

You notice she is holding something in her hands.

Something important that she has been keeping

for a special occasion.


Ask her to show you what it is.


The jar in her hand is really quite small

but the scent that comes from it is enormous.

When you inhale its rich warm aroma you feel wonderfully calm and relaxed.


Follow this woman now as she walks outside through narrow streets busting with the story of the night..

Her hands are inside her cloak, guarding her treasure....

until she arrives at a different place.

Another room

this one filled with a rich, warm presence...


He stands with his back to her, one among others.

But she does not need to see his face to recognise him...

Overcome with emotion she falls to her knees,

pulling at his robe, urging him to sit.

She fumbles for the jar, removes the lid and empties its precious contents...

The room falls silent.   Everyone stares...


If you feel that you can ... kneel down beside her.  

I think she would like that....





Before using this visualisation the children should be familiar with the story of the woman who annointed Jesus feet (Luke 7:36-50 in the New Testament).  


It could be used in the context of learning about forgiveness and self-righteous attitudes.

It is one of the most powerful cameos of devotional love to be found in the New Testament.  


Perhaps use when discussing what motivates religious behaviour, belief and practise.

This close you can hear the squelching sound as her hands move,

smoothly smearing the oil all over the man’s feet,

in between the toes, and running her thumbs up along the soles.

See how she touches his skin.... so tenderly and lovingly...

Her face so close to his feet, she is almost kissing them.  

Ah .... and so she is…


Her face is shining, wet with fervent emotion...

Hot expensive tears mingle with the ointment,

Adding their own sweet fragrance....


And though she tries to dry his feet with her hair

More and more scented tears

spill extravagantly onto the dirty floor....

And more….

And more…

Until it is clean.

Why do you think the woman was overcome with emotion when she saw  the man in the story?  

In what way is the scent "enormous"?    

During the visualisation how did you feel when everyone was staring at the woman?  

What were you thinking at this point?  

Did you do anything?  

Why is the woman's face shining?  

Why do you think she is crying so much at the end?

How did her tears make the dirty floor clean?  

What might this mean?

Copyright Jill Brennan 2011