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I Feel Afraid..


I feel afraid as I awake this morning.

I sense that something bad will happen today.

I feel it in my stomach.


The others seem relaxed and happy as we prepare to set sail.

Even though the sky is ominously grey and the air is strangely chilled.  He is sailing with us today, and they have so much confidence in him.

As for me, I’m not so sure….


He’s fallen asleep now.  And sure enough the wind is stirring up. The boat is starting to rock as the waves get higher.  When I look at the others, I can tell they are getting nervous too.


Look, it’s starting to rain, and … oh no, the sky is almost black! The wind is stronger, fiercer now.  Coming in sharp blasts… it stings my face like an angry slap.


How can he sleep though all this?  So silent and so still?


The waves now are as tall as men.  They are like an army of cloaked figures rising up on either side, to overpower us.      Quick.... do something!


I try to stand but lose my balance as a wave crashes into the boat.   I can feel the cold water whip my back, beating me down.   Jesus!.  Don’t you care?


My face is pressed hard against the salty deck.  I am crying for help, but my words are snatched away by the racing wind.  Right now I know that I am going to die.  I close my eyes fearing the worst.  PAUSE


When I open my eyes Jesus is here.  I expect to be somewhere else but I am still in the boat.  Yet everything is different.  The sky is blue overhead, waves lap gently at the side of the boat and sunlight sparkles on the calm surface of the water.  


Jesus is looking at me.  Smiling.

I tell him I felt afraid.  

“I know”, he says, just like that.

“Why do you find it so hard to trust me?”


I think about this for a long time.  

I want to answer but don’t know how.

It is a difficult question.







This visualisation is linked to the New Testament story of Jesus stilling the storm.  The children need to be familiar with the story beforehand.


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