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Falling Leaves

In your mind's eye, picture if you can, a tree on the boundary of a field.

We're going to go closer.  In fact we're going to zoom right in until we are up close to one of its leaves.

Imagine that you are this leaf  

You have been attached to this tree for a long time,

for as long as you can remember....  

You started out very small and green…

You would whisper to one another upon the breeze making a lovely swishing sound ...


Yes, you have enjoyed being a part of this tree…..

But now things are starting to change...  

Your colour has faded from green to yellow…

And you notice that the other leaves around you are changing too...


And sometimes one or two of the leaves around you detach and begin to fall….

Indeed when you think about, you yourself don’t feel quite as strongly attached to the tree as once you were….


Now a breeze is passing through the branches and you sense a quivering in your veins...

You know that very soon you too will be making a new journey….  


How do you feel as you anticipate this change?

How does it feel to be hanging on by a loose stem... waiting.


When you glance below you see that many other leaves have already taken that journey….

So many different shades of orange, red and brown, touching and overlapping….

all making a beautiful rich carpet spreading out beneath you.  Ready to catch you when it's your turn.  There to soften your fall….


Now it's happening... a gust of wind stirs up and YES, you are free!

The stem breaks away from the tree....  And you find yourself falling falling, down, down...  floating freely....  here and there...this way and that.


The journey is quite exhilarating…. And you realise there was nothing to fear after all…

Where will the drift take you,   you wonder....


Before you know it you are on the ground among the other leaves, adding your own uniquel detail to the wonderful rich tapestry...


Here you lie silent and still gazing up at the wide open sky, thinking how wonderful it would be to do it all over again.




© Jill Brennan 2012

How did you feel at the beginning of the visualisation?


Did this change?


Did anything surprise you in the visualisation?  


How did you feel at the end?


Is the journey of the leaf similar to any other kind of journey?



The theme of this visualisation is transition.


It could support learning regarding rites of passage, and the theme of death and rebirth.


At a more literal level it could be used when observing changes in nature and seasons.


In personal development it could help with 'letting go' when moving on into a new situation or relationship.


Using this visualisation....

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