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In 2010 Mary decided to retire from her consultancy role and passed on to me the bulk of her material, mostly hand-written and unpubished.  With her permission some of this material is re-produced here as she was keen that it could continue to be of help to others.


For fifteen years I worked in primary schools for York, Calderdale and Kirklees LEAs.  In 2006 I  gained a Masters degree in Theology and Religious Studies, and I continue to have a professional interest in developing children's spirituality.  I began writing visualisations in my role as RE Co-ordinator at a Church of England School in York.  In 2008 I co-wrote a book with Mary Stone (author of "Don't Just Do Something, Sit There").   "See" RE - Stories from Christianity (published in 2009 by RMEP) contains guided visualisations with questions for discussion and suggestions for follow-up activities.  A 'pick up and go' resource for the busy teacher!

December 2008

The children were writing a message

from Mary in Christmas Cards following

'The Nativity' visualisation.