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A Visual Stimulus

Using an everyday objects as a visual stimulus can be a powerful way to lead children into reflection.  

On the next few pages you'll find some suggestions of how this can be used in the classroom.





Washing Pebbles

You will need...


A bag of pebbles

(enough for each child)

A glass bowl

clean water

Invite the children to take a pebble from the bag/basket, then sit quietly holding their pebble...


Turn it around in your hand.  Notice how it feels.  It is smooth or rough?  Is it flat or round or bumpy?


As you hold your pebble I want you to think about something that has happened that makes you sad.

Maybe it is something you have done, or seen or heard about.

It may have happened recently or a long time ago..


You may experience some feelings of sadness or anxiety as you think about this.

Run your fingers over the pebble... hold it tight and try to imagine if you can,

all those bad thoughts and feelings that make you sad, somehow going into the pebble.....

.... as though your memory has now become the pebble's memory.....


Allow a few moments of quietness, then invite the children to come forwards and place their

pebble into the bowl of clean water, before returning to their place.   The children sit quietly until everyone

has done this.  Instrumental music could be played softly in the background while this is happening

but avoid "religious" music, or music with lyrics that could distract or effect an outcome.








How did you feel when you were holding your pebble?

How did you feel when you placed the pebble in the water?

Did your feelings change?

Did this remind you of anything else?

What were your feelings as you watched others place their pebbles in the water?

Did it remind you of anything else?

Has doing this activity changed your understanding of religious belief or ritual in any way?

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