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Using Visualisation

Using visualisation is a resource to help promote emotional well-being, self-awareness and spiritual development.  The material was initially intended for use in schools, but may also be useful to professionals supporting adults in group sessions or for an individual's personal growth.  In education guided visualisation tends to be used in Religious Education and for supporting a Mindfulness ethos, nurturing social and emotional wellbeing.  However it has scope to support learning in many other subject areas too, such as a stimulus for creativite thinking.    Alongside each visualisation script you will find prompts to encourage participants to think reflectively, and use their imagination to explore ideas.






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"The visualisation really affected me!  I thought I was in the real world. I really liked it because in the future if I just do the opposite of what I have done now I will be a very, very, very kind and good person.  It just makes you feel good and gets all the badness and hatefulness out of you."


       (Shamoona, age 9)



Connor, aged 6.

Following "The Newborn" visualisation.

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